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ISIE 2007

2007 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics

June 4-7, 2007

Centro Cultural and Centro Social Caixanova - Vigo, Spain



Topics within the scope of the symposium include but are not limited to:

Control Systems and Applications

Chairs: Hideki Hashimoto, Mo-Yuen Chow, A.Scottedward Hodel

Advanced control and measurement – Computer and microprocessor-based control – Specific control hardware and software – Estimation and identification techniques – Industrial applications of neural networks – Fuzzy algorithms – Evolutionary computing – Nonlinear and adaptive control – Optimal and robust control – Intelligent control – Motion control – Process control – Remote control techniques – Automotive, marine and aero-space control – Control in medicine and biology – Other control applications.

Power Electronics

Chairs: Francisco Azcondo, Mariusz Malinowski

Power electronics devices – Power electronics converters, modulation and control techniques – Digital control of power electronics – Modelling and simulation – Power Electronics Building Blocks (PEBB) – Flexible AC Transmission Systems / Energy Storage Systems (FACTS/ESS) – High Voltage DC transmission lines (HVDC) – UPS, power filters and VAR compensators – Automotive applications – Power electronics for renewable energy systems – Electronic ballast – Power electronics for power management – Power electronics and power quality.

Electrical Machines and Drives

Chairs: Manuel P. Donsión, Mario Pacas

Special machines, servos and actuators – AC motor drives, reluctance, SR drives and special drives – Drive control issues, observers and sensorless methods – Drive applications – Modelling and simulation – Thermal, acoustic noise and vibration – Measurements and testing – Monitoring and diagnosis – Linear drives and magnetic levitation – Inductive energy transfer.

Sensors, Actuators and System Integration

Chairs: Carlos Couto, Seiji Hata

Intelligent sensors and actuators – Multisensor fusion – Microsensors and microactuators – Micro/nano technology – Electronic instrumentation – Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) – Systems on Chip (SoC) – RF systems integration – Integrated optics and related technologies.

Signal and Image Processing

Chairs: Rokuya Ishii, Terry Martin

Digital signal processing techniques – DSP implementations – Sensor arrays and multichannel processing – Speech processing – Image processing – Computer vision – Virtual reality systems – Real-time multimedia applications – Remote sensing.

Industrial Informatics

Chairs: Armando W. Colombo, Josep M. Fuertes

Factory and process automation – Distributed collaborative systems – Service-oriented architectures and systems – Industrial agent systems: methods, tools and applications – Security & safety applications – Intelligent supervision, self-diagnostics, -tuning and -repair – Products and manufacturing systems – Flexible manufacturing systems – Human-machine interfaces – Embedded systems, middleware and integration with the IT-world – Industrial communication systems – Mobile and wireless systems – Remote diagnosis and monitoring – Infrastructures for industrial informatics – Real-time computer and information systems – Industrial applications of internet technologies – Networked control systems.

Mechatronics and Robotics

Chairs: Karel Jezernik, Ren C. Luo

Mechatronics systems – Intelligent systems – Complex electro-mechanical systems – Agent-based control – Intelligent actuators – Industrial, service and biomedical robots – Autonomous mobile robots – Humanoid robots – Multi-robot teams – Human-robot interface – Vision-based robots.

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