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ISIE 2007

2007 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics

June 4-7, 2007

Centro Cultural and Centro Social Caixanova - Vigo, Spain


List of Special Sessions

22 special sessions will be scheduled on the program

SS1 - Sensorless Control of AC Drives (SCACD)

Organizer: Fernando Briz

sensorless control of ac drives call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS2 - Electronics System On Chip (ESOC)

Organizers: Vito Nardi and Manus Henry

electronics system on chip call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS3 - Power Electronics for Photovoltaics (PEfP)

Organizers: G. Spagnuolo, M. Vitelli and G. Petrone

power electronics for photovoltaics call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS4 - New Challenges in Power Quality in Modern Distribution Systems (PQMDS)

Organizers: Josep Balcells and Jan Bialasiewicz

new challenges in power quality in modern distribution systems call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS5 - EMC in Power Converters: Modeling, Design Optimization and Supresion Techniques (EMCPC)

Organizers: David González and Edith Clavel

emc in power converters call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS6 - New Wireless Network Paradigms for Logistics and Industrial Applications (NWNPLIA)

Organizers: Francisco J. González Castaño, Cristina López-Bravo and Javier Vales Alonso

new wireless network paradigms for logistics and industrial applications call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS7 - Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems and Fuel Cells (PERESFC)

Organizers: Pedro Rodríguez and Remus Teodorescu

power electronics in renewable energy systems and fuel cells call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS8 - Sensors, Electronics and Systems in Biomedical Applications (SESBM)

Organizers: Giovanni Neri, Nicola Donato, Danilo De Rossi and Giovanni Pioggia

sensors, electronics and systems in biomedical applications call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS9 - Control and Identification of Power Systems with Artificial Neural Networks (CIPSANN)

Organizers: Patrice Wira and Djaffar Ould Abdeslam

control and identification of power systems with artificial neural networks call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS10 - Network Based Control Systems (NBCS)

Organizers: Josep M. Fuertes and Mo-Yuen Chow

network based control systems call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS11 - Applications and Networking for Industrial Ecosystems (ANIE)

Organizers: Elizabeth Chang, Vidyasagar Potdar, Tharam Dillon and Antonio Izquierdo

applications and networking for industrial ecosystems call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS12 - Education in Engineering and Industrial Technologies (EEIT)

Organizers: Luis Gomes, Rui Esteves Araújo and Seta Bogosyan

education in engineering and industrial technologies call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS13 - Industrial Electronics In Lighting (IEL)

Organizers: J. Marcos Alonso and Manuel Rico-Secades

industrial electronics in lighting call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS14 - Tools for High Precision Motion Control (THPMC)

Organizers: Roberto Oboe and Makoto Iwasaki

tools for high precision motion control call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS15 - Telerobotics (TeRo)

Organizers: Roberto Oboe and Mo-Yuen Chow

telerobotics call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS16 - Fault-Tolerant Power Electronic Converters (FTPEC)

Organizers: José Rodríguez, Josep Pou and Salvador Ceballos

fault-tolerant power electronic converters call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS17 - Evolvable Production Systems (EPS)

Organizers: José Barata and Mauro Onori

evolvable production systems call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS18 - Organic MEMS and Emerging Microsystems Technologies (OMEMT)

Organizers: Ramesh Ramadoss, Bob Lempkowski, Antonio Luque, Lienhard Pagel, David Fries and Jose M. Quero

organic mems and emerging microsystems technologies call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS19 - MATLAB/Simulink Applications in Electronics (MSAE)

Organizers: Aleksander Malinowski and Ahmad Ibrahim

matlab/simulink applications in electronics call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS-20 - Radiation Effects Mitigation on Integrated Circuits for Industrial Applications (REMICIA)

Organizers: Miguel A. Aguirre and Luis Entrena

radiation effects mitigation on integrated circuits for industrial applications call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS-21 - Applications of Nonlinear Control Design Techniques in Power Electronics (ANCDTPE)

Organizer: Gerardo Escobar

applications of nonlinear control design techniques in power electronics call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

SS-23 - Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing Technology Transfer (AISPTT)

Organizer: Diego Andina

artificial intelligence and signal processing technology transfer call for papers (.pdf) pdf icon

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